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A unique indica-dominant bud renowned for its soothing body buzz and happy head effect


About Hammerhead

Hammerhead is the indica-dominant result of blending White Rhino with Medicine Man.

Generally, you can expect buds of Hammerhead to possess about 15-20% THC and about 1-2% CBD, and each bud is endowed with a pungent aroma of ripe fruit, honey, and earth.

This strain's buds are notoriously dense, shaped somewhat like rounded, conical shark fins, and each is entirely covered with an intense coat of shimmering translucent trichomes.

Patients who have experienced this one-of-a-kind strain say that it begins with a boost of uplifting and creative euphoria, which is then followed by a pleasantly sedating body buzz that soothes and warms its user completely.