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White Rhino

White Rhino

A potent and powerful primarily indica bud that blends White Widow with an unknown North American indica hybrid


About White Rhino

An unknown indica strain from North America was crossed with the renowned cannabis strain White Widow to create the rare and super strong indica-dominant hybrid strain White Rhino.

Allegedly, White Rhino is a durable, bushy cannabis strain that produces bulbous, fluffy flowers with spiky green calyxes and tendril-like orange pistils, and the surface of each of these buds is of course covered in a thick coat of whitish trichomes.

White Rhino fans note that this cannabis strain can completely sedate those who use it, and the head high provided by this rare hybrid is said to be profoundly euphoric.

A musky earthy skunk will greet you when you encounter White Rhino's spiny flowers, and once you vaporize or smoke this hybrid you'll find it has a subtly sweet and super dank flavor.