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Jupiter OG

A high-potency indica hybrid that brings relief through its powerfully sedative properties


About Jupiter OG

Jupiter OG is a heavy-hitting mostly indica hybrid phenotype of OG Kush, that is known for producing big buds with a high THC potency (levels testing regularly around 23-25% THC).

THC levels of Jupiter OG have been seen as high as 27%, making this strain powerful enough for seasoned cannabis lovers, and sometimes overpowering for those who have a lower THC tolerance or less experience with cannabis.

Patients who have tried Jupiter OG love this strain's physically sedative and mentally relaxing effects, allowing its user powerful relief from aches, pain, stress, and tension throughout mind and body.

The skunky buds of Jupiter OG tend to be round, fluffy, and bright green, their calyxes intertwined with orange pistils and a hefty layer of crystal trichomes.