Katsu Kush


This indica-dominant strain provides the ultimate body buzz

About Katsu Kush

Often called Katsu, Katsu Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was thought to be parented by OG Kush, West Coast Dawg, and Old World Kush.

Although this strain's genetics are unknown, its effects are certainly not; expect a heavily effective body buzz from this strain, that will effortlessly relax its user and likely lead to a restful sleep.

Buds of Katsu Kush tend to have a desaturated violet hue, each huge bud possessing dense, thick calyxes that are each individually dusted with potent trichomes.

The scent that this gorgeous strain gives off is overwhelmingly earthy with subdued notes of freshly cut wood, though the taste of this strain is more herbaceous and bitter, not unlike nutty black coffee.

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