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Kimbo Kush

Kimbo Kush

A fabulous indica-dominant hybrid strain named for Kimbo Slice


About Kimbo Kush

Bred by Exotic Genetix in honor of the late, great Kimbo Slice, this indica-dominant hybrid cross of Platinum Blackberry Kush (Platinum Kush x Blackberry) and Starfighter is known to give a powerful body buzz.

Patients who have used Kimbo Slice find that this strain is completely relaxing and provides a physically stimulating buzz, while its head effect is completely soothing.

Buds of Kimbo Kush are desaturated green and each one has a huge collection of chunky trichomes interspersed with patches of neon orange pistils.

This cannabis strain has an earthy pungency, though its flavor is like fresh sweetened lemon and grapefruit juice.