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Pluto Kush

A very rare indica-dominant hybrid strain with intensely relaxing effects


About Pluto Kush

Pluto Kush is a very rare indica-dominant strain with a genetic lineage purportedly relating to OG Kush. It's extremely potent and smells flowers, sage, with hints of citrus and chemicals.

Cannabis patients report that Pluto Kush is great for relieving pain, stress, and anxiety, with its intensely uplifting and cerebral high paired with a sedative body high.

Growers will find that Pluto Kush has a medium but potent yield of extremely resinous flowers, making it a perfect candidate for cold pressing into extracts.

This strain's round, fluffy flowers are each an emerald green hue, and their calyxes are each covered by shimmering pistils and thick orange pistils.