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Rip City Purps

An indica-dominant hybrid from the PNW that combines genetics from Purple Urkle and Gobstopper


About Rip City Purps

Developed by Alphakronic Genes, this indica-dominant hybrid from Portland, Oregon blends genetics of Gobstopper and Purple Urkle.

Expect Rip City Purps' flowers to have a fluffy structure and a cone shape, and each one is enshrined in a layer of curly orange pistils and a thick coat of furry trichomes.

Fortunate cannabis patients who have had the chance to try Rip City Purps remark that this strain brings a focused, uplifting high known for its relaxing body buzz.

Generally, flowers of Rip City Purps have an earthy lavender aroma, and when you smoke or vaporize this strain it tends to take on a decadent grape and berry flavor.