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Secret Garden OG

A decadent floral-scented indica-dominant cannabis stain derived from Lavender, Ghost OG, and Rug Burn OG


About Secret Garden OG

Secret Garden OG is a beautiful indica-dominant cannabis strain that blends a hybrid of Rug Burn OG and Ghost OG with the fabulously popular strain Lavender.

As you might expect, this strain has an intriguing floral aroma that is pleasantly earthy, and the flavor of Secret Garden OG is reminiscent of mild sandalwood, sage, thyme, and a cinnamon-like spice.

According to those who have tried Secret Garden OG, this strain's high tends to be uplifting, euphoric, creative, and quite physically and mentally relaxing.

Desaturated green buds of Secret Garden OG are dense, large, and irregularly-shaped, everyone individually covered with shimmering trichomes and tangerine-colored pistils.