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Vanilla Kush

A sweet vanilla and lavender flavor comes from this indica-dominant blend of Kashmiri Hash Plant and Afghan Kush


About Vanilla Kush

An especially sweet indica-dominant hybrid, Vanilla Kush is a thoroughly relaxing strain said to blend Afghan Kush with Kashmiri Hash Plant.

Bulbous, lumpy flowers of Vanilla Kush often have a light green hue that is further lightened by a whitish coat of trichomes intermixed with thick orange pistils.

This strain is said to deliver an extremely relaxing, blissful high that can be overwhelming for new cannabis users or for those who have a lower tolerance for THC.

Overall, the aroma of Vanilla Kush is much like lavender flowers, and once this strain is vaporized or smoked it takes on is the sweet vanilla flavor that gave this strain its name.