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Casey Jones

Casey Jones

A strain named for a hero, Casey Jones stupendously relieves stress and tension in any part of the body


About Casey Jones

This sativa-dominant bud was named in honor of a passenger train engineer who, in 1991, sacrificed his own life by stopping his train car just before a horrible accident would have occurred.

Today, this hero has been memorialized in music, television, and now through this cannabis strain.

Rather morbidly, this strain blends Trainwreck with East Coast Sour Diesel and a Thai landrace strain.

Casey Jones is beloved for its extremely euphoric and energizing high that seemingly melts all troubles away.

Each fluffy bud of Casey Jones brings an aroma of sweet lemon and generally has quite an earthy, fruity flavor; these deep green flowers are dotted with bright pylon orange pistils and a heavy coat of glistening golden trichomes.