Full Moon

A Southeast Asian sativa strain said to provide psychedelic experiences
About Full Moon

Nirvana cannabis company discovered this whimsical sativa strain on the Thai Island of Koh Phangan at one of the island's monthly Full Moon parties.

Fans of Southeast Asian strains will thoroughly enjoy Full Moon's incredibly psychoactive effects and the energetic head high that comes with them.

Blending fragrances of chemicals and a perfume-like floral scent, the flavor of this strain is intriguingly spicy.

Full Moon's buds tend to be light sage in color and are remarkably furry, coated with long red pistils and a healthy helping of trichomes on each chunky flower.

1 Review
5 months ago
Full Moon is a tropical Sativa that packs a strong cerebral high, users have reported on actually seeing things moving around them while under its' effects. With tight and heavy buds, Full Moon has a sweet odor but a very spicy piney flavor, making this strain, a one of a kind.
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