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Green Crack Extreme

This sativa bud is even more extreme than her cannabis legend sister


About Green Crack Extreme

A sister of the cannabis legend Green Crack, Green Crack Extreme exudes her sister's stimulating creativity, but introduces a unique twist of a laughter-inducing, talkative distracted energy.

Green Crack Extreme is a euphoric sativa strain, inducing a creative psychoactive feeling that brings a talkative, sociable air to its user.

Buds of Green Crack are chunky and large, and always a mix of bright yellow-green, that is lightened by its generous coat of trichomes that coats every surface of the buds, and patches of bright orange pistils.

These flowers have a sweet lemon-lime flavor that is a little like a candied version of lemon-lime soda, but an aromatic mix of spices add to the strain's aroma, giving it a slightly warmer smell that is quite intriguing.