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In The Pines

A pine-scented, tropically flavored sativa-dominant hybrid that will take your mind on a dreamy trip


About In The Pines

Derek Emerald, a master grower of Aficionado Seeds, developed this sativa-dominant blend of Master Kush, Mean Gene's Pineapple, and Heirloom Pineapple Thai.

Cannabis patients who have tried In The Pines remark first on this strain's decadent tropical flavor which resembles delicious fresh pineapple, which is especially surprising since this strain smells like a pungent pine tree.

The effects of In The Pines are famously cerebral; in the beginning, the patient might feel a creative rush of energy that extends throughout mind and body, though this strain becomes more physically relaxing over time.

Buds of In The Pines really resemble little pine trees, their deep green cone-shaped calyxes lightened by a snowy haze of trichomes and spots of long amber pistils.