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Pineapple Thai

A fragrant, flavorful cannabis strain with a moderately high THC:CBD ratio


About Pineapple Thai

Pineapple Thai is a sativa-dominant relative of Thai, known for its high levels of around 5% CBD, which can be up to 7% and THC in levels up to 22%.

Pineapple Thai's bright green buds each possess a shimmering dust of trichomes as well as patches of long, curly orange pistils.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have encountered Pineapple Thai report that the strain effects the mind and body with powerful pain relief and a euphoric, calm head high.

A sandalwood and pineapple aroma wafts from Pineapple Thai's buds, and when smoked these buds take on a deliciously sweet pineapple, mango, and orange juice flavor.