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Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue

A one-of-a-kind mostly sativa strain that tastes like the most delicious lemon meringue pie


About Lemon Meringue

Exotic Genetix developed this pungent sativa-dominant blend of Cookies and Cream and Lemon Skunk, said to provide a happy, creative, and energetic buzz.

Lemon Meringue has been recorded to have a THC potency of up to 30%, making this one of the most powerful sativa-dominant strains in existence.

Patients who have tried this strain remark that it delivers a euphoric and energetic head high with giggly, creative effects, making this strain a perfect choice for those who medicate with cannabis throughout the day.

One of the most remarkable things about this fantastic strain is its unique taste which truly does resemble a decadent slice of lemon meringue pie with a generous helping of delicious whipped cream.