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Pandora's Box

A popular sativa-dominant cross of Jack the Ripper and Space Queen known for its wide range of effects


About Pandora's Box

A combination of Space Queen and Jack the Ripper, Pandora's Box is a popular sativa-dominant cannabis strain known for its wide range of effects.

Those who have been lucky enough to try Pandora's Box report that this strain provides uplifting euphoria and a tingly body buzz accompanied by soothing physical relaxation.

Each of this strain's lumpy cone-shaped flowers is a teal color that is slightly lightened by the halo of trichomes that litter the surface of each of this strain's buds amongst small patches of peach-colored pistils.

Pandora's Box buds give off a smell like sweet lavender and lily flowers, which is well complemented by this strain's sweet lemon and lime flavor.