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Jack the Ripper

A surprisingly calm and happy sativa-dominant hybrid known for its high potency


About Jack the Ripper

This sativa-dominant flagship strain from TGA genetics is a hybrid of Jack's Cleaner and a phenotype of Space Queen that is called Jack the Ripper (frequently abbreviated to JTR).

Jack The Ripper is allegedly very calm and relaxing, the euphoric head effect of this strain leading to an energetic feeling and increased creativity.

THC levels of Jack the Ripper are regularly higher than average, often testing between 21-25% THC, and each potent flower of JTR produces a sweet lemon and grapefruit flavor that is quite pleasant to vape or smoke.

The buds themselves are a mint green shade, their hue lightened by the dust of trichomes that caps each of these flowers among a fur of orange-colored trichomes.