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Purple Thai

Beloved for it's stimulating and euphoric buzz, this strain blends Chocolate Thai and Highland Oaxacan Gold


About Purple Thai

The sativa-dominant hybrid strain Purple Thai allegedly combines Chocolate Thai with Highland Oaxacan Gold genetics and is beloved for its stimulating, euphoric mental buzz.

Purple Thai's invigorating aroma combines delicious fragrances of coffee and chocolate, and the strain's flavor pleasantly combines sweet citrus and berry notes with this bud's mocha latte aroma.

Sativa-lovers have described this cannabis strain as stimulating, creativity-inducing, and exceptionally euphoric, which makes this strain popular for those who medicate throughout the day.

This strain's buds are irregularly shaped and have an olive green hue, each fluffy flower densely coated with shimmering trichomes and patches of peach-colored pistils.