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Silverhawks OG

A mostly sativa hybrid of Super Silver Haze and White Fire Alien OG said to provide stimulating, uplifting effects


About Silverhawks OG

Silverhawks OG is a potent sativa-dominant cannabis strain that combines the popular cannabis strains White Fire Alien OG and Super Silver Haze.

Flowers of Silverhawks OG are fluffy, leafy, and deep green in color, their surface each accented with long orange pistils and patches of chunky, sparkling trichomes.

This strain's buds have a floral odor, and as soon as the strain is smoked or vaporized you can expect them to take on an earthy grapefruit and lemon flavor.

Those who have tried Silverhawks OG note that the cannabis strain brings an uplifting, creative head high and physical effects that are simultaneously energetic and stimulating.