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Sour Joker

A stimulating mostly sativa strain that comes from East Coast Sour Diesel and Amnesia Haze roots


About Sour Joker

Combining stimulating parent strains East Coast Sour Diesel and Amnesia Haze, Sour Joker is a giggly and uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid.

Sour Joker's buzz has been described as stimulating, clear-headed, and euphoric, and the energetic nature of the strain's physical effects might make this strain suitable for daytime medication.

The pungent diesel scent that wafts from Sour Joker's flowers is unignorable, but you'll be pleased to know that the flavor this strain provides is delicately floral with an undercurrent of tangy yet sweet citrus.

Sour Joker's flowers are delicate and quite fluffy, each cone-shaped olive green calyx is entirely encircled in curly orange pistils and a delicate coat of trichomes.