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This heady blend of Skunk #1 and Thai tastes like chocolate and provides a motivating buzz


About Thai-Tanic

The nautically-named mostly sativa cannabis strain Thai-Tanic was created when Thai was combined with Skunk #1.

When you smoke or vaporize Thai-Tanic's buds you'll note that they give off a somewhat earthy chocolate and mint flavor, and the aroma of this cannabis strain is reminiscent of sweet fruit and sandalwood.

Thai-Tanic's high is said to focus mostly on the mind, as patients have found that this strain brings a happy, productive, and creative buzz that can be very energizing.

It can be difficult to find Thai-Tanic flowers in stores, but those who have seen this rare strain have said that it's round, fluffy, pine tree green buds each have a sparkling cloak of dewy trichomes and fine golden pistils.