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Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Updated July 25, 2022

If you want to grow cannabis on your own instead of buying the buds after they have been harvested and cured, you will find yourself with many options. Remember that the legality of growing cannabis varies by state, including the number of seeds that you can possess or the number of plants that you can grow. As such, be sure to always follow your local regulations before buying seeds.

You may also notice that because of the legal gray area involving cannabis seeds, and the fact that the law differs from state to state, some seed retailers market their seeds as “collector’s” items. This is just a way to ensure they comply with the law.

What to Know About Receiving Cannabis Seeds Via the Mail

Choosing to buy from a legitimate cannabis seed vendor will almost always result in the seller using discreet packaging for the seeds. Because of this, you should not typically have to worry about your seeds being stopped by customs or another agency, although it is a possibility. This is good news for those who want to buy seeds from an international seller.

How to Choose Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

You can choose to buy your cannabis seeds from any vendor that you want, but you should always do your research on the company and check a few key things before making a purchase. This will maximize your chances of receiving high-quality seeds that have the potential to turn into potent cannabis buds.

Confirm They Ship to You

One of the very first things you need to check is whether your chosen vendor will even ship the seeds to you. In most cases, any location-based restrictions will be due to legal complications, although other factors may also be at play. Depending on where you live, you may need to look at a few different vendors before you find one that will ship to you. You should always, however, have at least some options.

Look for Recognizable Names and Research the Company

The best place to buy cannabis seeds online will always be with a company that has a strong reputation. Ideally, you should have heard of them as name recognition indicates an established brand. However, just because you have not heard of the seed retailer, that does not mean they do not offer high-quality products.

Do your research on the company before buying the seeds, including looking at reviews and any awards they have won. These can both be very strong indications of a high-quality brand that is worth buying seeds from.

Examine Policies

Do not forget to take a look at their policies for returns, refunds, and/or exchanges. You do not want to have to use this policy, but you want it to be clearly laid out. This indicates that the business has thought out its policies and that if something does go wrong, you have a clear path to follow.

Evaluate Customer Service

As with the exchange or refund policy, you do not want to have to deal with customer service from the cannabis seed company, but you should still ensure that it meets a high standard in case you have to. Ideally, you should be able to contact customer service 24/7, but ensure you can at least do so during normal business hours. Check for your preferred contact method, such as live chat, email, and phone. Try to choose a company that offers at least two methods of contacting support.

Look at the Selection

Once a seed retailer has passed the other criteria, you can look at its selection to confirm that it offers what you want. Look at regular, autoflowering, and feminized seeds, depending on your preferences and look for the strain (or strains) that you are most interested in.

Avoid Deals That Are Too Good

As with any other item that you can purchase in person or online – if you find a deal on cannabis seeds that seems too good to be true, it probably is. You can risk it if the seeds are from a reputable brand, but you should know that the low prices are probably there for a reason. In the best-case scenario, you may end up with low-quality seeds that fail to grow. In the worst case, you may not even receive anything.

Pay Attention to Shipping Costs

When it comes to comparing prices for cannabis seeds, be sure to pay attention to the cost of shipping, as well. Some brands will charge slightly more for their seeds and offer free shipping, while others will charge less but require you to pay for shipping. For an accurate comparison, be sure to look at all of the costs.

Look at Payment Options

Do not forget to also consider the available payment options for buying your seeds. You should be able to pay with any major debit or credit card for most seeds, but make sure that your chosen payment method is available. Depending on the company you choose, you may also be able to pay in cryptocurrency, with an e-wallet, via a wire transfer, or even cash by mail. Similarly, ensure that the payment is made over a secure network to protect your details from hackers.

You Bought the Seeds – How Do You Confirm Your Cannabis Seeds Are Good Quality?

Once you receive your seeds from your chosen retailer, your first step should be to evaluate them to ensure that they are truly of high quality. You cannot be positive about the overall health of the seeds from just looking at them, but you can get a very good idea.


The seeds should be dark in color and feature spots or stripes. If they are green or white, then they will not sprout as they are too immature.


Waxy, shiny coatings are a clear indicator of health, but they are not necessary.

No Cracks

Your seeds should not have cracks or holes. Healthy seeds will not have damage to their coat, such as cracks. Holes could indicate that an insect pest ruined the seed in its quest for starch.

Hard Shell

In addition to not being cracked, the shell should be hard. Apply light pressure with your finger to the seed, and it should not crack. If it does, this indicates it is dead or infertile.

What to Do With Poor Quality Seeds?

If you get your cannabis seeds only to discover they are of poor quality, contact the vendor right away. Follow the recommendations outlined in the exchange or refund policy. You can decide whether to buy from them again in the future based on how they handle the situation and whether this seems to be a one-time bad experience or a pattern with the company.

By choosing the right brand to buy from, in the first place, and reading reviews, you should be able to minimize the chances of this happening.

Top Brands Selling Cannabis Seeds Online

With all of that information in mind, it is time to take a look at some of the best places to buy cannabis seeds online. Each of the following brands has a strong reputation, a wide selection, and great customer service. Feel free to buy from another brand as well, provided you do your research first.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

As the name implies, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is located in Amsterdam, and the company ships worldwide. You will just find the brand’s own strains, which helps ensure quality, but this means you will only have around 100 options. The company has a strong reputation for customer service, quick shipping, and stealth packaging due to the fact that it has been selling online since 2002.

Bomb Seed Banks

Bomb Seed Banks in Amsterdam ships worldwide using stealth packaging. The company prides itself on maintaining an ideal environment for its seeds to ensure their freshness. The seeds are all grown within the Netherlands, following strict standards. The final seeds are all chosen by experts. There are also free seeds with your purchase.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is based in Vancouver, Canada, and ships worldwide. This company offers 24/7 customer support via a range of methods, and there are even physical stores in Canada. This seed company offers discreet packaging with a success rate of more than 90 percent since US Customs is not typically as strict with items from Canada. The selection is less than some other companies, with just over 30 seeds to choose from, but this does include autoflowering and feminized seeds with a very high germination rate.

Gorilla Seed Banks

Gorilla Seed Banks in the United Kingdom is a younger company than most, but it ships worldwide and is founded by people with more than four decades of cannabis experience. The company prides itself on offering a vast selection, including feminized and autoflowering seeds.

Ministry of Cannabis Seed Banks

The Ministry of Cannabis Seed Banks is based in Barcelona, Spain, and ships worldwide, with numerous payment methods available. This company has been in business since 2007, with the founders having more than 51 years of experience cultivating marijuana. You will find a range of strains, including autoflowering and feminized seeds. The company has discreet shipping and sends the seeds in bubble wrapping with tracking numbers.

MSNL Seeds

MSNL Seeds sources its seeds in the Netherlands before shipping them out of the UK to worldwide destinations. This company accepts a vast range of payment methods and has a rich history. The business started in 1999, and it has been selling online since 2003. There are also choices for extra-stealth shipping and guaranteed shipping. A high and low of this brand is that it only carries its own strains. This limits the selection, but also guarantees quality, especially given that a geneticist founded the company.

Nirvana Shop Seed Banks

Nirvana Shop Seed Banks is another Amsterdam-based seed bank that accepts a wide range of payment methods. The company ships worldwide, except to Australia, Japan, and Argentina. The founder of the company gained experience working in a grow shop. The company has been in business since 1995, making it one of the older seed banks to buy from. There are more than 40 strains available, with the list growing. Although the selection is smaller than other brands, this company has a strong reputation for giving growers confidence. As a bonus, the website features educational materials and advice.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is located in Quebec, Canada, ships worldwide, and has customer support during the week. The company has a very nice variety of seeds, including CBD marijuana, feminized, autoflowering, and regular. The company has been in business since 2013, breeding and selling seeds.


Seedsman is a UK-based seed bank that ships seeds worldwide. The brand frequently has free seed promotions, and its selection is vast. Seedsman sells in-house-bred seeds as well as those from other reputable breeders. The company also has a strong reputation as it has been in business since 2003. As a bonus, it accepts numerous payment methods. Seedsman also offers a stealth shipping option, but it can increase the price a fair amount.

Seed Supreme Seed Banks

Located in England, Seed Supreme Seed Banks offers weekday customer support, worldwide delivery, and several payment methods. The company also supports loyalty via benefits for regular customers. There is even free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

The Attitude Seedbank

The Attitude Seedbank is in the United Kingdom and ships worldwide. This company prides itself on being the biggest cannabis superstore in the world, with a vast range of seeds available, including autoflowering, feminized, and regular variants. You can find some of the top-rated seeds in the world from this seller and promotions like free seeds if you meet a minimum purchase amount. The company also sells cannabis-related merchandise like T-shirts and accessories.


There is no single best place to buy cannabis seeds online, as everyone is looking for something slightly different. When choosing a cannabis seed source, make sure to pay attention to the company’s reputation, the source of the seeds, its exchange or refund policies, and its customer support. Or, just stick to one of the brands we listed above.

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