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Active Aqua

Active Aqua

Providing High-quality Hydroponics Components

About Active Aqua

Active Aqua is a sub-brand of Hydrofarm and offers many components to satisfy your hydroponic gardening needs. These products range from pots, parts, water chillers, accessories, as well as complete growing systems.

Active Aqua’s trays are available as extra-deep or Low Rise versions, the former of which is great for creating hydroponics drain and flood systems. Not only are the trays strong enough to support any type of media, they also drain quickly thanks to a uniquely sloped design (meaning you don't need to deal with standing water issues).

The sizes of the Active Aqua chillers include 1, ½, ¼, and 1/10 HP. These chillers also feature digital temperature memory systems that will be saved even if power gets interrupted.

The rest of the Active Aqua lineup features commercial air pumps for either indoor or outdoor use. Every pump is environmentally safe, oil-free, high-pressure, and has low energy consumption. These air pumps also contain multi-level mufflers for quiet operation. The air stones improve air circulation for even distribution of nutrients and oxygen. There are also Active Aqua water filtration systems available.

Active Aqua also features Grow Flow, Root Spa system, and water filtration systems.



2249 S McDowell Blvd Ext, Petaluma, CA 94954, USA
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