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Advanced Hydroponics Of Holland

Advanced Hydroponics Of Holland

The Dutch Formula delivers simple, efficient fertilization

About Advanced Hydroponics Of Holland

The history of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland dates back to 1993 when Jay Jackson wanted to find a better type of fertilizer. His goals were something that was affordable, highly efficient, and simple to use. Jackson worked with the Dutch Flower Nutrient Research Center in Aalsmeer and together they created Dutch Formula.

The Dutch Formula Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is known for having three components that the user mixes themselves in three different proportions depending on whether it is the growing, pre-flowering, or full bloom period. After perfecting the solution, the team began the retail shop and presented the fertilizer at a German trade show.

Today, the Advanced Hydroponics of Holland line also includes an all-natural line called Natural Power, including root stimulators, enzymatic supplements, maturing products, and growth stimulators.

There are now a dozen unique products in the company’s lineup, from the liquid fertilizers to the Aqua System to the IntelliDrive light management system.

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland's products are currently found in 22 countries worldwide. Their products are marketed as suitable for all growing media, ensuring proper nutrition. The line of products includes those for all stages of the plant life cycle, offering the ability to get everything you need from a single brand.



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