Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients

Providing Fertilizer for High-yielding Plants

About Advanced Nutrients

Michael Straumietis began Advanced Nutrients to provide fertilizers and nutrients that are designed for the specific plants that you choose to grow, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Straumietis first co-founded the company Canadian Soiless Ltd. back in 1996, which began as a retailer before researching products. This led to the creation of Polar Bear Manufacturing Ltd. in 1998 to create items that were engineered for customers' high-valued crops, something Straumietis had discovered was lacking.

The company conducted rigorous testing to determine the unique needs of plants, so it could offer clients the products that fulfill those needs. Five Ph.D.s tested products for two years before creating the final items the company sells today. This testing continues with a team of dedicated testers and scientists. When that team discovers additional materials and information, Advanced Nutrients adjusts its products accordingly.

Advanced Nutrients prides itself on always using the top source materials as well as the most effective manufacturing processes. This allows its products to cost less, last longer, and be more effective. The company advertises that crops using its products will grow and flower more quickly while also yielding more.

Advanced Nutrients prides itself on offering unprecedented product quality. The company was born from the discovery that most existing fertilizers did not have ideal quality components, levels, and ratios for hydroponics.


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