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Age Old Nutrients

Age Old Nutrients

Providing Organic Nutrients

About Age Old Nutrients

Age Old Nutrients has been in the industry since 1984, providing nutrients that deliver results to professionals, hobbyists, and everyone in between.

Throughout its history, the company has always worked hard to create sustainable and effective plant fertilizers. The original product line appealed to customers who wanted high-performance products to nurture soil biology. Today, the products combine natural methods and ingredients with newer technologies. The company sells plant nutrients, soil conditioners, and fertilizers, used in a range of applications, including horticulture.

The products from Age Old Nutrients include both dry and liquid blends. The dry blends release the nutrients slowly, helping build soil biological activity and fertility.

The company’s granular formulas provide soil conditioning and dissolve more slowly, offering plenty of energy for plants to use. Dry formulas include Grow, In Full Bloom, Fruit Finish, Root Rally, and Soluble Mycorrhizae. You can download detailed product information and use instructions right on the website.

The liquid formulas are concentrated, so growers dilute them before use. Using these Age Old liquid blends will give your plants the beneficial substances and nutrients they need while increasing biological activity in your soil. These products work well with both indoor and outdoor soils. Options include Grow, Bloom, Kelp, Fish & Seaweed, CalMag2, Calcium, Microsynergy, Sweet Finish, Humic, Root Assist, and MPG.



2001 W Main St, Mendota, IL 61342, USA