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Offering Energy Efficient Grow Lights

About Agrobrite

Agrobrite is one of the Hydrofarm brands. Hydrofarm has more than 40 years of experience and this brand specializes in offering high lumens outputs on lighting for growers. The products help growers save energy and work in a range of growing environments.

The Agrobrite T5 systems include powder-coated steel housing, multiple on-off switches, fluorescent 6400k tubes, and aluminum specular interiors. There are also three ways to hang the lighting fixtures, including horizontally, vertically, and overhead. This allows for the versatility to work with nearly any configuration for indoor gardening.

Growers in smaller spaces will appreciate Agrobrite products like the Desk Top Plant Lamp with a 27-watt bulb that is daylight balanced for 5,400k of output that is adjustable via a flexible neck. The base of the lamp is flat and wide, offering support for potted plants.

Agrobrite also offers a Floor Plant Light with high levels of flexibility thanks to the ability to reach 48 to 61 inches of height and its flexible neck. This particular Agrobrite lamp has natural and bright light via fluorescent bulbs that do not flicker.



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