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Air Box

Air Box

A Unique Production Platform for Horticulture

About Air Box

The AirBox is a unique product and growing platform from the Canadian company, AgricUltra. The AirBox prides itself on being the most scalable and compact as well as commercially viable system that you can find. It takes advantage of vertical growth strategies and creates a proprietary controlled environment for growing plants. The system is self-contained and works well for container, indoor, or vertical farming, with or without hydroponics.

Using the AirBox gives you multiple microclimates, each with their own temperature and humidity levels and independent air circulation. You can also combine the AirBox with the deep UV spectrum from HyperRail to almost fully eliminate any potential mildew or mold issues during growing. The vertical design of the AirBox lets you maximize your growing space.

The only requirement to fit the AirBox in your growing plans is to have enough power in the space. In fact, just one AirBox can increase your floor space by as much as four times. The system is modular for incredible scalability. It can also work well in new or existing spaces and you can get it with or without the proprietary UV/LED lighting.

You can also combine the AirBox with other AgricUltra products, like its CO2 HVAC system to control GHG emissions. Growing with the AirBox gives you a high density and compact area with growth. This type of growing strategy will promote quicker grows with more growth cycles. The tower’s setup also eliminates the need for transfers at various points in the growing cycle.



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