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Alpha Nutrient

Alpha Nutrient

Providing Craft Gardens With Specialty Fertilizers

About Alpha Nutrient

Alpha Nutrient focuses on providing fertilizers of a specialty nature for those who have craft gardens. The mission of the company is to provide value by assisting gardeners in getting better results. The company does this via specialty stimulants and fertilizers to boost the potential of gardens. The products from Alpha Nutrients include a range of biostimulants and fertilizers.

The company's team has combined experience of 30 years of cultivation before legalization, with much of that experience taking place underground. This experience led Alpha Nutrients to seek out the top ingredients that will produce the highest-quality cannabis buds.

Alpha Nutrients is confident in its products, guaranteeing that they will deliver the most visually appealing and aromatic buds.

The biostimulants have a high level of natural hormones, organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, organic matter, amino acids, sugars, and protein. All of those combine to help your plants thrive.

Bio Blast is a microbial inoculant that has 19 fungi and bacteria, billions/CFU per gram to boost yields. Omega Bloom is a biostimulant featuring fish hydrolysate for visually appealing and fragrant buds. Other Alpha Nutrients products include Omega Grow (a biostimulant for the veg stage), MycoRhize (a biodiverse fungi product), FulBase, Beta Balls (trace mineral complex), BioRhize, and Brix.



3137 W Virginia Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009, USA
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