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About Aptus

The roots of Aptus go back to the 1990s when researchers began looking into the building blocks for plants and soil. That research, combined with experience and knowledge of professionals from agriculture and greenhouses, led to the development of the Aptus products.

Aptus Plant Tech prides itself on offering education and solutions to growers in addition to selling them products. The company has a full decade of research on biological nutrition behind it. That research guided the development of organic and organo-mineral biostimulants and nutrients for growing plants.

The products from Aptus were designed specifically to optimize micro-life stimulation and nutrient sequencing, helping plants reach their full potential. The company is popular among growers of all skill and experience levels. Aptus also makes it a point to provide education, mostly via a dedicated section of its website with details on a range of relevant topics.

Aptus is based in the Netherlands, where it is a major nutrient provider for hydroponic growers, and the company is growing throughout Europe, Australia, North American, and other regions. In addition to making education a priority, Aptus has other brand pillars of value and quality.

The company aims to provide low running costs with minimal waste via high concentrations. Aptus also closely monitors its ingredients’ quality as well as staff and distribution channels. This allows the company to ensure all of its products are all-natural.



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