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Providing Raised Bed Watering for Growers

About AquaBox

The AQUAbox is a product line from Aqua Pot that offers a watering system for large planters, raised beds, allotments, and grow bags. You can use it in a range of growing areas, from multiple meters of raised beds to grow bags.

The AQUAbox uses the brand’s AQUAvalve technology. The difference is that you place the AQUAbox in the ground directly. The system’s capillary matting will pull the AQUAbox’s water, distributing it into the soil underneath. When used correctly, the AQUAbox can help growers ensure their plants get enough water for weeks on end. This makes it great for time away from the plants, or just regular growing to save time.

The system relies on gravity and a simple water reservoir connection, meaning there are not any pumps or electricity. The system is versatile enough to work with grow beds and narrow raised beds. There are various AQUAbox systems, including the AQUAbox Spyder, which works well in large growing areas. This particular product has capillary matting that you can set up so it radiates in 360 degrees from the AQUAvalve.

By contrast, the AQUAbox straight has just one capillary wick that will distribute the water across as much as four square feet. To ensure you can keep using the AQUAbox for as long as possible, replacement matting for either version is incredibly affordable.



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