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Atami B.V.

Atami B.V.

Offering Products to Maximize Plant Nutrition

About Atami B.V.

Located in the Netherlands, Atami began operations in 1997. The company considers itself to be an expert in plant nutrition and prides itself on constant innovation.

Atami B.V. recognizes the increasing demand for liquid plant nutrition products, in addition to substrates, boosters, and stimulators. As such, the company works hard to ensure that growers have access to these products, working with any type of growing method.

The lineup from Atami includes start material that is well-balanced and does not include pathogens, working well for all crops. There is a range of products for all stages of a plant’s growth cycle. Atami also has stimulators and boosters, with the stimulators focusing on the flowers and roots. The boosters stimulate the soil, improving bacteria and microorganisms while also providing crucial macronutrients. Atami also has several brands within its lineup, including Bloombastic, Rootbastic, Bi-Bloombastic, B’Cuz Products, ATA, ATA NRG, and Wilma.

Today, the customer base of Atami is found on various continents and in more than 40 different countries. The company has grown significantly over its more than 20 years in the industry thanks to its quality products. Atami advertises that with its products, you are able to “grow like a pro” thanks to their positive impact on the growth of various crops across their growth stages.



Huisbergenweg 7, 5249 JR Rosmalen, Netherlands