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Aurora Innovations

Aurora Innovations

By and For Organic Gardeners

About Aurora Innovations

Aurora Innovations was founded in 2000, by organic farmers in Eugene, Oregon. The company has the goal of providing clients with unique, superior organic products for gardening to help the planet. They initially began as a lighting manufacturer and greenhouse supply. Then the company expanded into product design via a grassroots approach, with the passion for fertilizer and soil becoming clearer as time progressed.

The company aims to always deliver the best possible plant foods and soil. As such, they start with high-quality ingredients. Aurora Innovations also makes it a point to hire talented people, use a holistic approach for plant nutrition, along with using high performance equipment.

The product lineup from Aurora Innovations includes potting soil, commercial growing supplies (such as bulk liquid, bulk soil and grow bags), root pots, Soul (a product line containing various products), and Roots Organics liquid (and dry) nutrients.

The potting soil and media are available in varying sizes, and there are currently eight different choices just within the soil category.

The root pots are biodegradable and reusable for between three and five years, with various sizes and shapes. Soul features a range of nutrients in liquid and media form.

Aurora Innovations also aims to interact with the community as a whole, looking for opportunities to be a corporate citizen that is responsible. This involves working with its retailers to ensure clients are satisfied with the products and receive the support they need. At the same time, Aurora Innovations helps retailers build relationships with clients. Those relationships grow even stronger via regular promotional events at authorized stores.

On June 17, 2021, Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc. ("Hydrofarm") (Nasdaq: HYFM), announced that Hydrofarm entered into an agreement to acquire the company. The transaction was funded with $161 million, split between cash and $26 million in newly issued HYFM common stock. As of today, Aurora Innovations is a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Hydrofarm.



29862 E Enid Rd, Eugene, OR 97402, USA