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Auto Seeds

Auto Seeds

The Autoflowering Specialists

About Auto Seeds

Auto Seeds is a leading provider of high-quality autoflowering marijuana seeds. The team has been working with autoflowering plants for over 10 years, developing and gathering the best genetics to create strains that are easy to grow and offer a fast turnaround.

The passion for autoflowering plants began with the discovery of the original Lowryder ruderalis genetics in 2008 from Switzerland. The idea of growing a marijuana plant from seed to bud in less than two months was truly exciting, and the team has been dedicated to achieving that dream ever since.

The breeders are always on the lookout for the world's best genetics, and the expertise in working with autoflowering plants allows the team to get the most out of every variety. Auto Seeds specializes in creating bespoke strains that are accessible to all, whether you're looking for high THC or CBD content, impressive yields, or specific medical benefits. The product line is constantly being innovated and improved to offer the best possible options for customers.

There are many reasons why autoflowering plants are loved by so many. They are incredibly easy to grow, requiring no special light setups and able to thrive in a variety of outdoor conditions. They are also incredibly fast, with most strains able to be planted, grown, and harvested in just two months. And they are incredibly flexible, able to adapt to different growing setups and techniques, and easily crossbred with other genetic lines.

If you're a fan of autoflowering plants or are just starting out on your growing journey, Auto Seeds can help.



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