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Autopilot Climate Controls

Autopilot Climate Controls

Helping Growers Control Their Climate

About Autopilot Climate Controls

Autopilot Climate Controls is one of the many brands from Hydrofarm, a company with more than 40 years of experience helping growers with innovative products.

The Autopilot line aims to provide indoor gardeners with high-quality environmental controls. The mission of the company is to design then produce instrumentation for environmental controls that are durable, user-friendly, affordable, and have optimal performance.

The company focuses on excellence through design as well as quality. The CO2 tools let you control the levels of CO2 in your growing space, ensuring your plants have enough to flourish. The range of timers from Autopilot help with controlling everything from CO2 devices to ventilation to misters to pumps. The Autopilot lighting controllers let you safely and easily control multiple lights. The light controllers are made to last with their durable enclosures and quality components.

Finally, the master and environmental controllers provide ultimate control. These systems let growers control everything in a single unit. The same system puts control of CO2, temperatures, lights, and humidity right at your fingertips for convenience. The full product lineup from Autopilot includes several items in each category.



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