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Providing Natural Trace Minerals for Growers


AZOMITE offers growers a natural product from Utah. The company mines its product from seabeds that have been filled with volcanic ash, offering a truly unique mineral that you cannot find anywhere else.

The AZOMITE minerals are fully organic, helping your crops enjoy improved root systems, overall plant vigor, and increased yields. You can be confident when using AZOMITE that your crops won't contain any harsh chemicals, as AZOMITE is completely organic and listed in OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). Growers can use AZOMITE to encourage healthy soil growth, or simply to “wake up” microbials in unhealthy or depleted soil conditions.

There are several AZOMITE solutions for growers to choose from.

  • Ultrafine is perfect for greenhouses, blending with potting soil or direct application when planting, with the brand’s finest grit.
  • The micronized version has a flour-like consistency, perfect for direct application during planting or mixing with potting soil.
  • Field grade is the consistency of coarse sand, ideal for blending with products or composting.
  • Granulated features granules that break down over the course of one or two weeks via irrigation when applied to the soil.
  • Finally, pelletized minerals are pellets for easy handling. They break into powder instantly upon contact with moisture to work immediately.



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