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Providing Plant Feed, Fertilizers, Stimulants, and Invigorators

About BAC

Over 15 years ago, two entrepreneurs began Biological Activated Cocktail (BAC) thanks to their passion for cultivation of organic crops.

The company developed its own range of products, including plant fee, stimulants, fertilizers, and invigorators. The products were specifically created for cultivation of organic and other crops.

BAC says that its products help produce plentiful, healthy crops. In addition to its range of products, BAC also provides some community education via the company website. The Knowledge Centre includes brief sections for FAQs and the blog. There is even an option for personal advice.

BAC divides its products into three main categories, each of which has its own sub-categories, Organic, Mineral, and Plant Stimulants. The Organic Products include bloom feed, growth nutrients, plant invigorators, and PK Boosters, as well as other products like organic fertilizer made from natural ingredients.

Mineral Products include soil nutrients with a strong concentration, Cocos Nutrients, F1 Extreme Booster with high-quality trace elements plus sugar molasses, Hydro Nutrients, and various additives to help at every stage of growth.

The Plant Stimulants include Bio Clone to start off your plants, Bloom Stimulant to help with nutrient absorption and transportation, and Final Solution to encourage fermentation of waste by the root hairs and roots.

There are also Root Stimulants and X-Seed to boost seed germination. BAC has dozens of selling points, mostly focused in Europe, as well as a web shop.



Spectrumlaan 39, 2665 NM Bleiswijk, Netherlands