Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Seeds

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About Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Seeds is one of the many well-known cannabis brands, thanks to its hard work to maintain an excellent reputation. This brand is family-run and maintains a close connection to its customer base via various means, including a highly followed Instagram account.

Bodhi Seeds offers above-average germination rates as well as a long shelf life, thanks to the company’s quality control. The breeders document the genetics of each strain grown, which is crucial given the number of hybrid strains they have developed. All parent strains follow the highest genetic standard. Bodhi Seeds only uses organic methods when growing plants, including the plants from which the company harvests seeds to sell.

There are multiple classifications for Bodhi Seeds’ marijuana seeds, including limited edition, heirloom, landraces, and regular. The genetics are mostly sprouted and hand-collected, along with several cherished elites. Overall, Bodhi Seeds is known for its consistent, reliable seeds with strong genetics.



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