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Botafarm Genetics

Botafarm Genetics

Luxury Cannabis From Soil To Soul

About Botafarm Genetics

Botafarm Genetics is a California based breeder and seed bank. Influenced by his botanist father and winemaking grandfather in Saint-Émilion, France, Jay brought his family legacy to the cannabis industry by growing and breeding strains around 1999.

In 2007, he opened a hydroponics store, before making his way to Venice, Los Angeles in 2012 to start a medical marijuana cultivation facility upon the passage of Proposition D.

After having been a consultant for numerous dispensaries and grow operations within the LA area, he became disillusioned with the commoditization of factory cannabis farming. This inspired him to start designing and breeding bespoke strains for private clients based on their personal requests.

In 2018, Botafarm California Seed Company was officially established offering the public access to the same unique genetics that he was breeding for many celebrities and artists.



Los Angeles, CA, USA