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Sannie's Seeds

Sannie's Seeds

The Best Quality Cannabis Seeds

About Sannie's Seeds

Sannie's Seeds is a cannabis seed bank founded by the legendary grower himself, Sannie. His passion for growing cannabis stretches back 25 years, starting with outdoor and eventually evolving to indoor growing. His pursuit of knowledge and expertise is what has earned him the respect of growers throughout not only the Netherlands, but also the global cannabis community.

In 2005, Sannie took his passion to the next level, growing on a large scale and specializing in creating the highest quality buds with the largest possible yields. He shared his grow journal on a Dutch forum and explained how he grew his plants using only organic nutrients. This sparked a lot of interest from other breeders, and soon Sannie was flooded with questions about his methods.

When the Dutch forum closed, Sannie joined Wietforum and eventually took it over, turning it into a knowledge base that is still the largest of its kind in the Netherlands. This forum has become a hub for skilled growers and breeders to share their work and learn from each other, advancing the art and science of cannabis cultivation.

In 2008, Sannie left his job as a graphic technician and entered the weed business as a consultant, working with a wholesale company as a lighting specialist and test grower of special lighting fixtures and organic products. That same year, he founded OpenGrow, which is a place for cannabis growers to convene and share their grow journals.

Even to this day, Sannie is still committed to using only organic nutrients in his growing operations, and has developed a simple and effective method for growing cannabis that's suitable for new and experience growers, and even large-scale commercial operations. This focus on organic growing has led to the development of a line of 100% organic products that help create the ideal conditions for soil life, resulting in optimal nutrient uptake by the plants. Some of the exclusive strains that Sannie has created include Mad Scientist, Killing Fields, and Sugar Punch.

Customers can be assured of getting the real deal when they buy Sannie's Seeds, as well as excellent customer service. Sannie is always available to answer any questions about growing, and is committed to helping customers achieve the best possible results with their cannabis plants.



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