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Killing Fields

A sativa-dominant blend of Jack and The One that delivers a stimulating body buzz and a creative head high


About Killing Fields

Developed by Sannie's Seeds, Killing Fields is a heavily sativa-dominant blend of Jack (Sannie's F2 Jack Herer) and The One that is known for its intriguing aroma.

This strain has a spicy scent that is unlike any other cannabis strain, mixing warm notes of pepper and marsala with bright lemon that turns surprisingly sweet once this strain is smoked or vaporized.

Patients who have experience with Killing Fields have found that this strain lightens patients moods, inducing creativity and happiness, while the physical buzz this strain delivers provides arousing stimulation.

Buds of Killing Fields are quite large and fluffy, with the calyxes colors ranging from deep eggplant to emerald green, amongst a hazy tangle of sparkling trichomes and auburn pistils.