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Mad Scientist

A decadently sedative indica-dominant hybrid of White Widow and Herijuana, said to provide deep relaxation


About Mad Scientist

Sometimes also called Mad S., Mad Scientist is an indica-dominant cross of White Widow and Herijuana that was developed by Sannie's Seeds.

Cannabis patients who have had the opportunity to sample Mad Scientist love this strain's subtle body buzz that brings a totally relaxing experience to its user, often lulling them into a deep slumber.

When you see buds of Mad Scientist, you'll note that its flowers have a deep lime green hue that is brightened by the strain's sparkling fur of trichomes and the long lemon-colored pistils that are poking between every calyx.

An interesting aroma of bitter, earthy coffee comes from these buds, and the taste takes on a sweeter, more citrusy flavor when this bud is smoked or vaporized.