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About Seedsman

Seedsman is one of the best-known seed banks in the industry, with more than a decade of experience selling quality products. The company began as a way to help breeders package and sell cannabis seeds. Although the company is not made up of breeders, it works closely with its suppliers to maximize their landrace, hybrid, and inbred strains.

Some of the most famous suppliers that work with Seedsman include Sam the Skunkman and Sacred Seeds. The range of feminized seeds launched in 2007, which featured a combination of strains from breeders. This range has a smaller selection, as this allows Seedsman to maintain quality. The autoflowering feminized strains were introduced in 2011.

Seedsman prides itself on selling a vast range of cannabis seeds since genetic diversity reduces the plants’ susceptibility to pests and disease. Greater diversity also allows for a larger research base.

Seedsman also uses a percentage of its profits to promote the legalization of cannabis in the United Kingdom and around the world. This is done via supporting charities and lobbying organizations, as well as attending cannabis conferences and trade shows.


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