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Because Even Nature Needs a Little Nurture

About Seedsman

Seedsman is a leading seedbank that has been at the forefront of cannabis innovation for over two decades. As the first seedbank to commercialize autoflowering and CBD genetics, the company is dedicated to selecting a genetic library with a range of unique traits. Seedsman was founded in 2002 by two cousins who were passionate about the genetic heritage of cannabis and wanted to connect with the world's best breeders. Today, the company has created over 2,000 cultivars and developed a comprehensive seed catalogue with a wide variety of cannabis strains.

Seedsman works closely with famous suppliers such as Sam the Skunkman and Sacred Seeds to maximize their landrace, hybrid, and inbred strains. The company introduced a range of feminized seeds in 2007, featuring a selection of strains from various breeders, and autoflowering feminized strains in 2011. Seedsman prioritizes quality by offering a smaller selection of strains, as well as promoting genetic diversity to increase resistance to pests and disease and expand the research base.

In addition to selling high-quality cannabis seeds, Seedsman is dedicated to promoting the legalization of cannabis worldwide through supporting charities and lobbying organizations, attending conferences and trade shows, and using a percentage of its profits for these efforts. The company is committed to creating a more inclusive cannabis industry while maintaining seed quality and increasing genetic diversity.