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Top Dawg Seeds

Top Dawg Seeds

Bred by JJ NYC

About Top Dawg Seeds

Top Dawg Seeds is a cannabis seed breeder founded by Mr. JJ NYC. JJ NYC first started growing cannabis in 1999, in New York City. Some of the first strains he grew were Jack Herer and Amsterdam strains that were given to him by friends. In 1992, he started getting access to the Chem Dog strain and began growing it after receiving a Chem D cut from Chem Dog himself.

Some of the company's popular strains include JJ's Nigerian Haze, Tres Dawg, and Stardawg. The company has also worked on rare and sought-after clones such as Chem D, Chem 91, and Nigerian Silk, as well as classics like Mango Haze and Kali Mist.

Top Dawg Seeds is known for its commitment to quality and authenticity. JJ NYC emphasizes the importance of verified Chemdog-approved strains and takes issue with companies trying to copy his strains and profit off of them without giving credit.

With demand for Top Dawg Seeds on the rise, the company's Chem cultivars are expected to become more widely available. If If you're a fan of pungent, garlicky gas-station terps, you'll love what Top Dawg Seeds has to offer!



New York, NY, USA