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CBD Mango Haze

A mango-flavored dually potent CBD and THC strain that hits the mark every time


About CBD Mango Haze

Probably one of the most fragrant high-CBD strains in existence, CBD Crew combined a secret high-CBD cannabis strain with Mango Haze to produce a bud that is dually potent in THC as well as CBD.

This strain totally hits the mark, delivering THC:CBD proportions of 1:1 or 1:2, alongside a variety of surprisingly energetic sativa effects.

Patients love this strain's stimulating and arousing cerebral buzz as well as its completely euphoric effect.

These traits make this strain great for all-day medication, as it produces a focusing effect that makes you feel completely ready for the tasks at hand.

Each of CBD Mango Haze's deep green buds is completely covered in a host of long, light pink pistils and a light layer of sparkling trichomes, and the smell of these buds is an irresistible spiced mango flavor.