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Critical Cure

Critical Cure

Also known as CBD Critical Cure, it is no wonder this high-CBD strain is critically good


About Critical Cure

Barney's Farm created this strain, also commonly called CBD Critical Cure, by combining the famed Critical Kush with the difficult-to-find Quimiotipo CBD.

Critical Cure tends to test around 10% THC and 14% CBD, giving this strain the euphoric healing traits CBD alongside some of the THC traits that cannabis users expect.

Patients' describe their experiences with this strain as absolutely calming and relaxing and relieves pain like nothing else, energetic enough to use as an all-day medication but without any overstimulation that can cause anxiety for some users.

Each of these delicious nugs smells like Christmas – fragrant notes of earthy pine combine with a delicious sweet fruitcake-like smell.