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One of the highest potency CBD strains of all time, Harle-Tsu will help you get things done


About Harle-Tsu

Southern Humboldt Seed Collective developed Harle-Tsu, a sativa-dominant high-CBD hybrid of Sour Tsunami and Harlequin.

The CBD:THC ratio of Harle-Tsu is about 20:1, making it one of the most high-potency CBD strains available and a fantastic medication for anyone looking for relief from migraines, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, epilepsy, or any other condition with symptoms treated with CBD.

Patients have enjoyed Harle-Tsu's focused and energetic uplifting high, that allows its user to still be productive and functional while enjoying the fantastic relief that this cannabis strain provides.

Flowers of Harle-Tsu are fluffy and long, each gives off a spicy, wooden, earthy scent that is a little like being in the middle of a forest full of pine trees, and this strain's flavor is quite similar.