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Jamaican Lion

Jamaican Lion

A high-CBD sativa-dominant cross of Yarders and Mountain Lion known for its uplifting calm


About Jamaican Lion

Jamaican Lion is the high-CBD take on a sativa-dominant hybrid of Yarders (a popular Jamaican strain) and Mountain Lion.

Although this strains THC potency is relatively low at 8-10%, the CBD potency of Jamaican Lion hovers around 13-15%.

Patients who are looking for a calm but energizing euphoric head high and soothing body effect will probably enjoy Jamaican lion's focused effects.

Jamaican Lion's buds are a grassy green color lightened by bright orange, swirling pistils and a dusty halo of trichomes; these gorgeous buds are made better by the sweet minty aroma that comes off of them, which has been said to taste like an herbaceous mint tea.