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Nebula II CBD

A sativa-dominant strain with a high potency of CBD, enjoyed for it's functional yet pain-relieving effects


About Nebula II CBD

The CBD Crew and Paradise Seeds teamed up together to develop Nebula II CBD, a high-CBD strain with mostly sativa traits.

A unique earthy vanilla scent wafts from this strain's sparkling flowers, and its complex flavor combines notes of grapefruit, lemon, honey, sage, and sandalwood.

Nebula II CBD's effects are mellow and euphoric, its cerebral high leaves its user feeling functional while providing powerfully effective pain relief throughout the body.

Flowers of this strain are fluffy, light green, and very resinous, each one shrouded in a veil of crystal trichomes and dotted with bright orange pistils.

Expect a CBD potency of around 10% from Nebula II CBD, and THC levels that hover between 4-8%.