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'09 Cookies

'09 Cookies

A super rare phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies created in 2009


About '09 Cookies

‘09 Cookies is a super rare phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies that was developed in 2009. It is also commonly called Animal Cookies or ‘09 Animal Cookies, but all of these names refer to the same ‘09 Cookies strain.

‘09 Cookies is the result of breeding Fire OG and GSC, both legendary strains. It comes courtesy of BC Bud Depot. The resulting strain is 75 percent indica.

Cannabinoid Content

Animal Cookies can have a THC content of between 18 to 27% with a CBD content around 0%.

Aroma and Flavor

The aroma is sweet and sour, as the “cookies” part of the name implies. Expect a pungent taste that is earthy, lemony, and woody, with hints of sweetness, cherry, and citrus.


Animal Cookies has a dense formation, and the buds are frosty green with purple tips. That purple becomes more apparent in colder temperatures, which stimulates pigments known as anthocyanins. The multicolored flowers are visually appealing. The buds are medium-sized and shaped similar to popcorn.

The buds are extremely sticky thanks to the covering of trichomes, which are cloudy to white. These trichomes give the leaves a yellow appearance.

The smoke of ‘09 Cookies is nice and thick.


Expect full-body effects when you consume ‘09 Cookies. The strain is potent, which means that it can be overkill when it comes to mild symptoms. However, this strength is an asset, as it means that it can easily take care of severe insomnia or pain.

The most common effects of consuming ‘09 Cookies are relaxation and happiness. Euphoria and a feeling of being uplifted are also common, as is a reduction in stress. Sleepiness is possible but less common. The effects like euphoria begin incredibly quickly, offering fast results.

When you consume ‘09 Cookies in smaller quantities, your mind can remain active and clear, while still keeping you relax. Larger doses can lead to stronger effects and should be used when you do not have anything planned for the near future.

The properties and effects of ‘09 Cookies make this strain very popular for helping with stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as pain and insomnia. Many people have experienced relief from the strongest menstrual period cramps with this strain, as well. It can also help with muscle spasms.

As with most cannabis strains, the most commonly reported negative effect of ‘09 Cookies is dry mouth, with dry eyes also possible. It is very rare to experience more annoying effects, such as headaches and anxiety.

Those with experience smoking ‘09 Cookies suggest having it between midday and bedtime. It will give you a medium amount of couch-lock, so keep that in mind.

Other Information to Know

If you want to grow ‘09 Cookies, you will have to look for clones. This is the only way that it is currently grown. The strain tends to flower within 9-10 weeks. Those who want to grow it should know that this strain is moderately difficult to grow. You should expect a yield of between one and three ounces per square foot and a height of over 78 inches.

The popularity of ‘09 Cookies or Animal Cookies is so high that it has been used to create other strains. It is one of the parent strains of Alf and Afghanimal.